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Diamonds Are Forever

The value of a diamond is not determined by what people use it for but by what it is made up of. Whatever you use a diamond for will not affect its value. You can drop a diamond in mud but it will still be a diamond. A diamond carries its own value and doesn't allow other people or situations to determine it. A wise person knows how best to use a diamond in hand but a fool may decide to use it for anything, even dropping it in a gutter, and still it will not cease to be a diamond. Like the diamond, anyone who knows how much he or she is valued does not struggle to get people to value them and would not also not allow situations and challenges to keep them down, simply because they know how much they are worth or valued.

Self-value is an important virtue any human being can acquire and should acquire. When you know your value you don't care how people value you because you know what they are missing by devaluing you. In short, you know what you are worth and therefore no one or any situation determines your value or your worth.

Many people have allowed others to define to them their value or worth. That is why a person may condemn themself if, for instance, he or she fails to qualify for a job, gain admission to a particular institution, or fails a particular test. Such a person may become dejected, confused and hopeless because he or she doesn't know how much she or he is worth.

The opposite of this kind of person is one who knows how much he or she is worth, and always imagines a new start when faced with challenges. For such a person challenges cannot keep him or her down, like the diamond they still know their value even when dropped in the mud. In their mind he or she knows that they are a great person with a lot of potential and of great use and therefore needed somewhere.

Self-valuing does not come by chance. You must work at it and never forget that you are the only one who knows your worth. The way you treat yourself gives others the idea of your worth. It is therefore important to know your worth.

The road to self-value or valuing oneself begins with loving yourself. Many people can give out love to others but only few can people can really love and appreciate themselves. Learning to love yourself is the greatest love of all. This does not mean being selfish, that is not the issue. You are a person and as such you deserve good things in life so treat yourself well. When you have much love for yourself you build a strong internal pillar of love and this will keep you going when outside love (love from others) vanishes. Take time to say good things about yourself to yourself. Don't blame or hurt yourself so much when things go wrong, and don't forget to praise yourself for every little success, and congratulate yourself for you deserve it.

Knowing yourself is an important step to self-valuing. Many of us know history about some great people but the unfortunate thing is that we don't really know anything about ourselves. The great men and women became an example to us because they knew who they were. It takes only people who know who they are to make an impact; in effect you cannot make any positive impact here on this earth if you do not know who you are. Get into yourself and know the potentials and gifts you possess and begin to develop and use them.

Remember also to sincerely appreciate the unique gifts of others and praise them if need be. In doing this you will also will begin to appreciate God for who he has made you to be and never forget to thank God for your life because your life matters to him and to this world.

~ Author Unknown ~

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